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TMH has a friendly team of professionals waiting to help you.

We have acquired a wide range of specialized work experience in bulk materials handling projects in WA over the last 25 years. We also have an experienced belt and fitting team ready to undertake large turnkey projects such as conveying systems, feeding systems, lifting systems and much more.


Quairading recycling plant

TMH have recently designed and installed a brand new hopper and inQuairading recycling plant feed conveyor, sorting table with conveyor and 6 receivable sorting bins for the shire of Quairading, as they have made the decision to start recycling within the town

From conception & design, to manufacture & completion and finally installation and part electrical installation.

Phase 1 of the installation was completed in dec 2011. And now 2 years later. TMH have now been invited back to commence phase 2. Which will change the plant to a semi automated system.

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Murrin sulfur transfer


TMH have recently completed an 18 metre long x 600mm trust conveyor suspended on 1 trestle.

From conception 1& design, to manufacture & completion. The project was completed in a 12 week time period at Murrin's request. All to the specifications required.

This included the manufacture of a new head chute with a 2 way diverter used for sulfur prill, which completed in a 2 week time period.   View pictures


ABB Transformers

As ABB Transformers have had a long standing client relationship with TMH, they approached TMH for consultancy on an automated conveying ABB taking areasystem for their new premises being erected in Malaga WA. TMH designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned a complete conveying system for handling transformers of varying sizes, all the way from primary assembly through major assembly and testing to dispatch. The system included areas of raising and lowering both the transformers and the operators. TMH designed and built robotic trolleys for loading the items into and out of curing ovens. The entire operation is computer controlled and TMH designed the system logic. Four months was required to manufacture all equipment and a further four months to install, as a substantial proportion of installation was centered around a partially operational plant. The overall project value was in excess of M$1.2



Magellan Metals

Magellan Metals had encountered a problem with the handling of their lead ore. The state government had forced the closure of their operations due to the amount of lead dust being emitted during transportation and ship loading. The dust is extremely toxic. Magellan approached TMH in an effort to eradicate the dust problem. TMH carried out consultancy, visited site and developed a strategy. A project was developed that saw TMH design, manufacture, supply, install and commission a bulk bag packaging system for the lead that toMagellantally eliminated dust emissions. TMH manufactured a transportable bulk bag filling facility which was installed in Esperance in WA for the sole purpose of bagging 18,000 tonne of material, after which it was dismantled, shipped to their minesite in Wiluna WA and re-commissioned. The project included a state-of-the-art dust extraction system to conform to regulations laid down by governing authorities. The project encompassed all operations commencing with bobcat loading of lead ore into a hopper system, through to bagging in 2 tonne, double-lined “dangerous goods” style bulk bags. On completion of this $600k project, Magellan was granted authority to ship their lead ore by train to, and by ship through Fremantle Port.



Worldlink International

TMH has carried out work for Worldlink in the past, so they approached TMH when they required a conveying system installed in their new premises.


TMH designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a powered roller and gravity roller system for delivering goods to and retrieving goods from   
their coolrooms. The system entailed raising the goods on scissor lifts for truck loading. TMH also supplied a battery powered push unit, capable of pushing and pulling 10 tonne deadweight. This unit is used for moving 6 tonne trolleys along tracks installed in the floor.



Western Salt Refinery

Western Salt Refinery requested that TMH help design a system to transfer their hide salt fromWA Salt the refinery to the packaging area. The salt had to be cooled from 110º C to approx. 55º C during its travel on conveyors over a distance of 40m. TMH consulted with Western Salt Refinery and interstate equipment manufacturers and finally helped develop a conveying system to carry out the requirements. TMH then designed, manufactured the majority of, supplied and installed the project. This included screw conveyors, belt conveyors and a Vibroflow vibrating conveyor to enhance the cooling of the product. TMH designed, manufactured and installed platforms, walkways, stairs and safety railing to accommodate the installation of the equipment and provide access for maintenance at a height of 4 metres above ground level.



Benara Nurseries

Benara Nurseries are the largest wholesale nursery in Australia, and one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. They have been a TMH client for in excess of 20 years. During this time Benara Nurseries have spent an average of $20k per month with TMH.  Over that period of time TMH has also manufactured a large array of equipment for improving their production and for automating some of their procedures. TMH designed, drafBenara Nurseriested, manufactured and installed an automated 16 head phosphate hopper which dispenses fertiliser into 16 potted plants per operation, on a conveyor line. This dispensing occurs approx every 4 seconds, which allows them to operate at a potential of 240 pots per minute. Benara Nurseries had struck a problem with a pot wash machine which had been built for them. They asked TMH to investigate methods that would not only speed up the operation of the machine, but would prevent pots from tipping over as they passed through. TMH developed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a conveying system along with rotating brushes which alleviated the problems and enhanced the wash cycle. This unit can now accommodate up to 100 pots per minute. TMH assisted Benara Nurseries in their move from Wanneroo to their new premises in Carabooda, by manufacturing new equipment and by repairing existing equipment.  





BGC have been a long time client of TMH. BGC Brikmakers contracted TMH to design, manufacture, install and commission a drag chain system for removal of the kiln sand from 3 kilns. TMH also designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a further system for screening the kiln sand, discarding the waste and delivering the re-usable kiln sand to a pneumatic transfer system to convey the sand 120 metres to the opposite end of the kilns. The sand was then distributed to six different destinations through vibrating tube conveyors for re-use. A further project saw us contracted to distribute clay dust from a filter house back into production line. This was again carried out as a turnkey project and was achieved by installing screw conveyors and screw feeders to distribute the clay dust onto two separate production lines.




WA Kaolin Clay

TMH supplied and installed a Kockums Bulk Systems bulk bag filling system for kaolin clay powder. The system fills 1.2 tonne bulk bags at the rate of 15 per hour. Kaolin clay is a very fine powder and required quite a deal of flow enhancing equipment such as vibrators and pneumatic pads to alleviate hang-up of material in the hoppers and fill head.




TMH assisted in the design of a lime dosing system for installation at Fox Radio Hill in the North West of Western Australia. From this design, TMH manufactured a lime dosing silo and screw feeder system. The system included high and low level probes for activating the fill system. The unit was to be installed in an area prone to high winds and inclement weather. This was taken into account in the design phase.




TMH were approached by Dsatco Mulch initially to upgrade a 9m³ mixerDsatco and convert from hydraulic drive to electric drive. Upon completing this phase, Dsatco contracted TMH to design and construct a range of equipment such as belt conveyors, for moving the mulch from the mixer to 2 different bagging areas, one being bulk bags and the other being small bags. Dsatco purchased an automatic Form, Fill and Seal machine, had it installed and requested TMH to construct walkways, platforms and ladders for access to all equipment.



Stramit Industries

TMH designed several different types and styles of automated equipment and fitted it to existing machinery whilst modifying the machinery to suit. The automation of the machinery was to improve production of lintels, beams, trusses etc., and to eliminate operator fatigue. Stramit contracted TMH to carry out this $300k automation, based on work performed previously at their premises. 


Other Recent Projects

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 Midland Brick  Lifting System For Dies
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 Good Samaritan Industries  40m Pneumatic Conveying Of Flour
 Upgrade Of Pigment Plant  120m Pneumatic Conveying Of Reclaims
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 Screw Feeders  Prota Pet Meats 
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 Westrac   Nufarm




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