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FLEX-LAG® Ceramic Pulley Lagging

FLEX-LAG® ceramic pulley lagging is the total pulley roller solution for Belt slippage that can occur with conventional rubber lagging.

With 80% tile coverage the FLEX-LAG® features the highest coefficient of friction available in lagging materials.  The FLEX-LAG® out performs the friction of rubber in wet, and muddy conditions by over 3 times the frictions.

The FLEX-LAG ceramic pulley lagging product achieves superior friction through hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded with a raised profile into durable rubber backing.  These tiles grip the underside of the belt for positive traction, the product also eliminates the sharp abrasive edges associated with ordinary ceramic lagging.  This helps increase belt life.Ceramic lagging

TMH can supply FLEXCO smooth or dimple pulley lagging.

Installation is quick and done onsite through cold vulcanization.  Determine the number of continuous pattern strips needed to cover the pulley, eliminating a lot of waste product.

Ceramic Lagging

Ceramic lagging provides increased wear and friction over standard rubber lagging.  This greater coefficient of friction help’s keep belt slippage to a minimum.

TMH can supply FLEXCO® ceramic tiles that are inserted into rubber pulley lagging or a total ceramic lagging solution on its own roller.

FLEX-LAG® Diamond Ceramic

Designed to provide a ceramic lagging option for customers with a medium tension belt drive applications, for none drive pulley lagging application the FLEX-LAG® offers the advantage of having the superior friction at an affordable price.

The ceramic tile is specifically designed to sit in the Flex Lag diamond rubber lagging.  The design of the ceramic tile and diamond shape of the rubber allows for drainage and desperation of water and debris.

The FLEX-LAG Diamond Ceramic can be installed on site, cut to the size of the pulley.  Resulting in an economical option for the conveyor system.



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