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CC-S® Plastic Elevator Buckets

The 4B heavy duty CC style elevator buckets are designed to outperform other agricultural buckets offering greater capacities, longer life and cleaner discharges.  CC-S® elevator bucket has the unique Iceberg® Edge design with a stronger front lip with a tapered leading edge for longer wear life, with maximum material thickness. 

The tapered shape also delivers a low digging factor, resulting in less material resistance and (Less) material degradation.  The triangular rigid design prevents bowing for a consistent discharge, over the buckets lifespan.

CC-S® low profile application include non-abrasive free flowing granular materials such as grain, feed, seed, food products and fertilizer.

Heavy-Duty Agricultural CC Style Elevator Bucket


►Virgin HDPE, Nylon or Urethane                                   



►HDPE: -120°F to 200°F

►Nylon: -60°F to 300°F

►Urethane: -60°F to 210°F



► Light Weight, Tough & Flexible

►Reinforced Front Lip, Walls & Corners

►Stackable Design for Shipping & Storage

►Wingless Profile for Closer Spacing & Greater Capacities










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