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Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors suit the movement of goods on flat surfaces when the speed of travel and the spacing of goods require control.

They play an important role in the manufacturing process including the transport of the raw materials and components to assembly and the materials handling and shipping of the finished product.

Whatever your unit load or bulk material capacity, at TMH we can design a belt conveyor for horizontal, incline or decline path and at a predetermined rate.

Belt conveyor

Stand alone units or integrated into a turnkey project.

  • Standard Belt
    Multi-purpose conveyor designed for production and assembly lines
  • Flat Belt Conveyor
    Available in either painted or stainless food grade finish
    Designed to suit height, width and incline requirements
  • 90 Degree Belt Curve
    Available in painted or stainless food grade finish 
    Knife edge transfers
  • Carousel Curving Conveyor
    Overlapping slat bed for sorting and accumulating products of all shapes and sizes. Used for order picking and product inspection
    Improves efficiency and reduces manual handling at packing stations


    Available in various lengths and widths to suit individual applications
  • Modular Belts / Slat Band Conveyor
     Ideal for packaging and bottling lines
     Available in stainless steel or painted construction
     Accumulation, mergers and transfer points also available
    Designed to suit your application and/or layout
  • Telescopic Belt Conveyor
    Proven and highly successful loading and unloading for all types of cartons, cases and sacks
    Height adjustment and lateral movement positions goods precisely and reduces operator fatigue
    Quick, efficient, loading and unloading of trucks, freight cars, containers and wagons.



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