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DRX™ Impact Beds  

FLEXCO® has approached impact bed design with a revolutionary product, DRX™ (dual relief xtra), by engineering superior belt protection into the entire structure.DRX impact bed

FLEXCO® DRX™ impact beds have a robust construction, incorporated is FLEXCO® exclusive Velocity Reduction Technology, which controls acceleration to reduce impact energy and reduces reaction forces providing unmatched belt protection. The technology delivers less rebound and material degradation and a reduction in belt wear and damage for a longer life.

Another key design feature is the Slide-Out Service™ design whereby the beds separate in the middle, giving a maintenance crew easy access to all the bars and bolts.  This feature allows a two man crew to undertake service and maintenance in one to two hours.

The DRX™ impact beds come in four different application designs.  All of which are designed to work with common rubber impact bars, resulting in smaller inventory and stock holding.

DRX ™ Impact bed range








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