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Belt conveyor products

Conveyor systems have a lot of parts in order for them to fully achieve their desired purpose.  The most common Idler (set) configuration is 3 rollers of equal length.  Different configurations exist depending on the purpose.  These range from flat belt to 5 rollers and sometimes in unequal lengths.   For wide belts it is not uncommon for 5 rollers to be suspended.Belt conveyor products

Within the conveyor system there is a variety of essential jobs to be performed by different machinery.  There are specific conveyor beds that are required within the heavy industrial conveyors.  Belt positioners and trainers are specific pieces of equipment that ensures the centralized running of the belt, maintaining production efficiency and reducing operation repair cost.

TMH supply a comprehensive range of conveyor products and through our links with FLEXCO® TMH can offer market leading and proven products.


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